What’s RACCO doing? 楽古の活動は?

“ Non Profit Organization Historic Experience Support Center RACCO” is a volunteer group that supplies “historic study through experience”.
The main activity is that we provide people with the instructors, staff and tools to study with, when historic experience programs−such as making fire, making curved beads, making pottery are held at schools, community centers and so on. Also, we plan and manage historic experience programs at person’s request
What’s “historic study through experience” like ? 歴史体験学習って?

Historic study through experience is more suitable to understand ancient life history than through textbooks.

Why did we set up this organization? 

Activities like this have taken place at various museums and in society. Before, if you wanted to try these activities, you had to actually visit each facility.
It is important that museums act as stronghold of study, but in areas which lack museums people there don’t even have a chance to experience history.
Therefore we think, by offering experiences of history, even people who have less interest in history would find it interesting. For that reason we set up this organization
Specific activities of RACCO are as follows…
Giving the study through experience 体験学習の提供
 We hold organized classes of the study through experience, and also offer talents and programs to autonomies and museums as assistance of the study through experience.
 Events are carried out at “Shionjiyama Mounded Tomb Learning Center”−our base of the activity. In addition, we can visit to another place for carrying on the program.

For father information about programs have a look at Activities体験メニュー
Instructor training  指導者の養成
We train instructors to teach historic study through experience.
We give the lecture to teacher, student and volunteer.
Research 調査研究活動
We research what kind of study through experience other museum is doing, and gather material for carrying out the program, develop the new program.

Activities 体験メニュー

There are a lot of activity programs on the theme of history.
We plan not only individual programs but also the program of general history.
    Making curved beads 勾玉つくり This kit is sold too. SHOP ← Click please ! !
   Making pottery 土器つくり  This kit is sold too. SHOP ← Click please ! !
   Making clay pipes 土笛つくり  
   Making acorn cookies どんぐりクッキーつくり
   Making glass beads ガラス玉つくり 
   Paper making 紙すき体験
   Building fire 火おこし体験
   Fling tours of historical sites 空から見る歴史体験
   Trying ancient rice 古代食体験
   Paper craft of historic siteペーパークラフトThis kit is sold too. SHOP ← Click please !!
   Making stone arrowheads 石器つくり
  For father information about the schedule of events have a look at this ← Click please ! !